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( NOTE: Agents must use the student's home address and email address. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of this application. You may enter the agency's email address in the "Agents" section below. Communication will be sent to you.)

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If yes, you need to submit the DEPENDENT COPY I-20 REQUEST FORM (The form to be used is available for download HERE) A passport copy must also be submitted for each dependent listed.

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If you answered "Yes", please enter the agent's information below. All admissions correspondence will be sent to the agent by email.

I-20 Mailing Instruction

CESL offers you the opportunity to receive your I-20 via DHL or FedEx through E-ShipGlobalReceiving your immigration documents by courier is at your expense and your credit card will be charged upon requesting the service. The DHL or FedEx Express mailing must be paid by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover cards only).When you I-20 is ready CESL will send you directions to reach the website in order to register an activate your account at E-ShipGlobal. You may request a shipment either to your overseas address or to a U.S. contact address. If your documents will be sent to a U.S. contact, please include the name of the person at that address.

Application Dates

Please indicate which session(s) you plan to attend at CESL. *

*Select ALL sessions you wish to attend.

*ALL students MUST attend registration on the CHECK-IN date, followed by testing and orientation days before their first session.

This table details when study sessions are available.
July 3 , 2020 August 13, 2020
September 1 , 2020 October 12, 2020
December 1 , 2020 January 14, 2021
February 1 , 2021 March 11, 2021
213 See "Community Engagement Program "
May 1 , 2021 June 3, 2021
July 1 , 2021 August 12, 2021
September 1 , 2021 October 11, 2021
Education Plans

What are your plans after completing CESL?

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