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Below are our categories of frequently asked questions.


Who is my advisor? What do they do?

Your advisor is Lili Angel-Post. Her office is in Faner 3236, and her email is The CESL advisor is available to help you with academic, immigration, intercultural, and personal issues.

How can I see an advisor?

In order to see the advisor you should check in at the main CESL Office (Faner 3242), or you can schedule an appointment with your advisor by contacting her via e-mail.

Am I allowed to take a summer vacation from May-August?

No F-1 full-time CESL student is eligible to take a “summer vacation” from May – August unless they have satisfied the requirement of being enrolled full time for the four consecutive terms prior to the summer term. This is based on immigration regulations.

What is CESL’s authorized annual vacation policy?

You must study the equivalent of one academic year (four terms together) before you can take an authorized annual vacation for one term. Transfer students who have time at a previous university may submit transcript documentation to the CESL advisor to determine if you have accrued the equivalent of four consecutive terms.

Can I take a travel break or “vacation” between terms?

Yes all students are eligible to take vacations and travel within and outside of the United States between CESL terms. Review the term calendar or go to the CESL Office if you would like to know the exact dates of breaks between terms.

Are there any exceptions to CESL’s vacation policy? i.e. family emergency or medical problem.

No, there are no exceptions to the four term authorized annual vacation policy. If you must withdraw due to a family emergency or medical issue, you need to talk to your advisor to determine your rights and responsibilities as an F-1/J-1 student.

How can I make a formal complaint about an issue?

Student Complaint Forms are available in the CESL Office (Faner 3242) and online, under the “Current Students” page. Completed forms can be givento the CESL Front Desk (Faner 3242) or to the student advisor.

How do I get copies of official documents (such as grade reports, transcripts, certificates, enrollment confirmations)?

You can request official documents at the CESL front desk (Faner 3242). Please know that processing your request may take up to five business days.

What is CESL’s absence policy?

CESL’s absence policy is in the CESL Student Handbook. Please be advised that regular attendance is an F-1/J-2 visa requirement. If you do not attend regularly you will receive a warning. If the attendance problem continues, the CESL advisor must terminate the student's I-20 for failure to maintain regular academic progress and dropping below full course load. If a student misses seven consecutive class days, their I-20 will be terminated for unauthorized drop below full course load.

When is the deadline to withdraw the program and receive a full refund?

The last day of the first week of classes. After this deadline, students who withdraw will not qualify for a refund.