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Conditional Admissions

SIU offers Conditional Admission for all undergraduate programs and most graduate programs if you meet all the academic requirements for admission but you have a low score on an English proficiency exam. Conditional admission means that you receive admission to the university but you cannot start university classes until you have met the condition to improve your English proficiency. You can meet this condition by studying intensive English at CESL or submitting a higher English proficiency exam score.

If you have receive conditional admission to SIU, you are automatically admitted to CESL. You don’t need to complete an additional application for CESL. Just send a copy of your conditional admission letter or I-20 to

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Admission to a Degree Program at SIU

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS can demonstrate meeting SIU's English proficiency requirement in these ways:

  1. Attain SIU’s English Language Requirements for undergraduate admission


  • Pass CESL's English for Academic Purposes (EAP2) level twice; OR

2. In the near future, it is expected that the requirement will change to:

  • Pass EAP2 level and attain minimum score on TOEFL (details expected to be clarified in Fall 2018).


  1. CESL students who meet the following conditions will receive a CESL Certificate of Completion: 1) pass the Graduate Student English (GSE) level with an 80% in all classes, and 2) earn a 500 on the TOEFL.
  2. To be considered for admission into a graduate degree program at SIU, applicants must meet the requirements specified by the Graduate School Graduate School requirements and by the department or departments involved. Some of these requirements vary for CESL students. Please contact the graduate school for more information: call 618-536-7791 or email
International students that already meet the English proficiency requirement can apply for full undergraduate admission at the undergraduate admission site or graduate admission at the graduate admission site.