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Application Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy / Application fee: The application fee ($50) is not refundable.

*Please note that a $1000 initial non-refundable tuition deposit may be required in order to complete your admission process. This one-time fee indicates your commitment to attend our Center and secures your course enrollment. If you register as our student at the beginning of the term you have been admitted for, and subsequently attend one term at CESL, that $1000 deposit will be credited toward your tuition. It will become the final installment to complete your tuition payment. At the time of initial registration you will need to first pay the normal student fees, the campus health insurance costs, and any other tuition less the amount of the $1000 deposit you have made.

Paying by check or money order

If the application fee and tuition deposit are paid by check or money order, the application will not be processed until the check or money order has been received in the mail.

Submit the application and all documents listed below by e-mail (you must type your SURNAME in the subject line of the message). The e-mail address is CESL@SIU.EDU

Or you may fax the documents to 618-453-6527. Please include a cover sheet showing the student’s name and e-mail address.

Or your friend may carry the documents to the CESL office.

Regular Students Application Checklist

The following documents must be submitted to CESL in order to complete an application:

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Financial Guarantee (the form to be used is available for download HERE)
  • Bank statement (see below)*
  • Certificate showing completion of secondary school if you are under 18 years of age

Transfer Students Application Checklist

  • A copy of the first I-20 form, and the most recent I-20 form that the student has been issued
  • A copy of the student’s I-94
  • A copy of the F-1 student visa
  • Attendance form (the form to be used is available for download  HERE)
  • Transcript from current language program
  • Financial statement (the form to be used is available for download HERE)
  • Bank Statement (see below)*
  • Current Financial Guarantee (only for students sponsored by the their government or embassy)
  • Transfer Verification form (the form to be used is available for download at HERE)

*Bank Statements

The applicant must submit his/her own bank statement or the bank statement of the person who will pay for the applicant’s studies. It must show a balance of $4500 US for each intended session of study. The statement must be written in English. The name of the account owner must be in English. The statement must clearly show the type of currency held in the account.

US Permanent Residents or Citizens:

Submit copy of the permanent resident card (“green card”) or proof of US Citizenship (ex: a US passport)

Application Processing Time

Once all documents have been submitted, the application will usually be processed within 7-10 business days.

*Payment in full or proof of sponsorship is required at time of registration at the school or a $25 late fee may be assessed. Students will not be permitted to enter classes until tuition or a financial guarantee is received.